Zipper Towels for Aussie Kids, Zippy by Rad Kids!

Zipper Towels for Aussie Kids, Zippy by Rad Kids!
Launching early 2021!
The world was thrown into turmoil recently...working from home became the new normal, and as such, with less travel time, and more time to think, we got our creative minds together to design the ultimate utility for Aussie Kids (and kids worldwide)Ā 
Zippy by Rad Kids. We got a creative agency to bring our vision for the logo to life, a playful take on our existing Rad logo. Needless to say, we love it!


Rad with a cheeky tongue šŸ˜œ

Zippy Hooded Zipper Towels will feature long sleeves, 100% super absorbent cotton, hood for wet hair, a zipper closure for simple on and off, and will be available in two designs, a cool turquoise with thin white stripes, and a sweet pink with white stripes. It's going to be the perfect all year round accessory for kids, and we can't wait for you to have it!

Sneak peak into our new project, Zippy by Rad Kids, Kids Hooded Zipper Towels!
Zippy Kids Hooded Zipper Towels Prototypes
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